Mr Brendan Goswell


Mr Brendan Goswell
The role of Ministry at St. John Paul College is to ensure that our College is authentically Catholic. It is primarily concerned with the way in which our College Community 'lives' the beliefs and values of our faith, the spiritual growth of each individual and the way in which we worship our God.

Ministry is not focused on the academic aspect of education, but at SJPC it sits along side it as an essential element of the 'holistic' nature of the schooling our students receive. In many ways it aids the learning process by helping to provide a genuine nurturing environment in which students are taught.

Ministry at St. John Paul College has two major areas of focus. These are Liturgy and Pastoral.

Liturgical Ministry encompasses all those activities in the school where we come into direct relationship with God. These are as diverse as a moment of silent prayer before class, or a whole school mass. Aspects of Liturgy at SJPC include;

  • Whole school masses (Commencement, Assumption)
  • Class masses and reconciliations (Class masses are also parish masses) Special Liturgies (Ash Wednesday, Year 12 Graduation)
  • Class Prayer
  • Retreat and Pastoral day liturgies

Pastoral Ministry concerns the human welfare of each student and adult in the school. It is aligned with other areas of pastoral care in the school but its main features are;

  • 3 day residential Retreat at the end of Year 10 at Valla Beach.
  • 3 day 'Bush Retreat' at Mebbin for Year 11.
  • 3 day residential Retreat in Year 12.
  • The 'Junior Vinnies' - St Vincent De Paul group that function in the school.
  • Pastoral Days for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 at different times throughout the year.
  • 'Seasons' program for students who have suffered from loss in their lives.
  • Special events, guest speakers throughout the year.

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"  (John 14:6)