College Chaplain and the Liturgical Life of St. John Paul College

Our College Chaplain is Fr. Paul Winter, Paul is keen to provide a priestly presence in our school in formal, liturgical celebrations and in the everyday life and comings and goings of the school day. One of Paul’s best spent hours in a busy week is to sit with students, chatting to individuals and groups about what interests them.

Paul brings with him an imposing presence, a desire to be actively involved in education, and most significantly a belief in the sacred role liturgy plays in our spiritual and day to day lives. To that end, he is working with the R.E Coordinators and staff to develop a rich tapestry of liturgy for each student to enjoy and to hopefully discover more about themselves as a spiritual person.

The liturgical life of the college will be based around a three tiered framework. These are as follows:

Tuesday Mass & Reconciliation

A combined Coffs Harbour and Sawtell weekday mass is said in the Stella Maris Chapel every Tuesday morning, beginning at 9.15am. Classes from the College attend these masses on a roster system and enjoy the company of the many parishioners and the unique peacefulness of the liturgy. This is quite a different experience than the normal Period 1 of most school days.

Following the Parish Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to another class (also on a roster system) during Period 2. This is a special opportunity for students to receive this most beautiful sacrament and to reflect on the important things in their lives.

Year Group Masses

A new initiative will be Year Group Masses for all levels. These masses will be conducted at St. Augustine’s Parish Church with the students being bussed to and from the liturgy. We hope to be able to provide 2 of these masses for each year level with the aim being to impress upon the students the importance of praying together.

Whole School Masses and Liturgies

These liturgies will continue in their present format:

Term 1 - Commencement Mass , Ash Wednesday and the Easter Liturgy
Term 2 - Catholic Schools Week Celebration Liturgy
Term 3 - Assumption Mass, Jhn Paul Day Liturgy and Year 12 Graduation Liturgy
Term 4 - Advent Liturgy

Parents are always welcome at our Masses and Liturgies.


"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"  (John 14:6)