Student Services

St John Paul College is committed to inclusive practices and the acceptance of individual differences. Our mission is to develop the individual potential of all students within a collaborative, supportive environment. All students participate in the mainstream program and are offered adjustments to curriculum and assessments as needed.

Classroom teachers, Student Services, and the Pastoral Care team support students with additional needs. Some of the additional supports that can be provided include Lifeskills courses, intensive literacy and numeracy programs, social skills training, work experience, and assistance to develop research, assignment writing and study skills.

Many parents are involved in planning for students with additional needs through Personal Plan and Wellbeing Meetings. These meetings are held for students who receive adjustments to a substantial level/and or have medical needs. Aboriginal students and their parents participate in Personal Learning Plan meetings. Some students are involved in Student-Led Personal Plan (PP) meetings.

The Student Services team are always happy to discuss specifically the ways in which support is available to students and parents.

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